Murphy’s Law at its finest…

Television about to play a program

Dear FCS Patrons,

As you are aware, your Fort Collins Symphony has been working hard with our City of Fort Collins partners at the Lincoln Center to continue performing during the pandemic. Being able to offer live-streams and webcasts of our performances to community members who are unable to attend in-person concerts has been a dream since the technology became available. The Lincoln Center team has worked hard to learn how to make this service available to our patrons.

In the category of “technology is great until it’s not,” the Lincoln Center crew ran into a major speedbump this past weekend that impacted the sound quality of the live-stream. Sadly, this issue has made the delayed webcast unwatchable as well. 

We are refunding everyone who purchased a webcast option. We will also comp anyone who had a less than stellar experience with the live-stream a ticket to attend a future concert via live-stream or in person. To arrange a comp, please email us at

We believe being able to offer this remote viewing service to patrons is an important way to connect with those who are unable to attend in-person concerts and it provides a way for us to expand our audience. The Lincoln Center is committed to improving the production quality from their end.

Please accept our sincere apology for the unanticipated technology fails. All of us are working to find solutions so we can continue to provide this valuable service. We are grateful for your patience.

Mary A. Kopco
Executive Director