Digital Programs are a Change for the Good!

Your Fort Collins Symphony is excited to announce the adoption of digital program books for our upcoming season, Reflections: The Emotions of Music. This change comes in light of many factors, including individual and community safety, environmental impact, and accessibility. 

While COVID-19 has affected almost every aspect of the performing arts world, your Symphony is embracing new ways to bring you the best of orchestral music in a variety of ways. As we return to our regular live performances at the Lincoln Center, this important shift will help improve the way that we serve our audiences and the community at large.

a couple looking at a phone

Starting in October, FCS program books will be available in a digital and mobile-friendly format. This new system has many benefits for your concert enjoyment and ease of our operations. It will provide you with advanced and easy access to the current performance details, centralizes concert and Symphony information, and avoids creating the waste from hundreds of program books being thrown away. Most importantly, it helps us keep COVID-19 at bay by avoiding unnecessary contact between individuals during the concert.

All patrons will be able to access program books on their phones, tablets, or other devices. If you prefer, you may print out a pdf copy of the program at home. A QR code and links will be available on our website and at the Lincoln Center to help you access these digital program books. Because digital programs can be printed at home or accessed on a phone, they eliminate accessibility issues due to small type and can be adjusted to individual preference.

To view a sample program book available for download, please click here.

The digital program books can also be accessed from anywhere the week prior to each performance. You can take time to become familiar with the repertoire, get to know the guest artists, and enjoy our excellent program notes instead of rushing to read through them minutes before the performance starts.

Your Fort Collins Symphony will continue to grow as we return to our regular in-person season. One lesson learned over the past year is how important live music is to all of us. So we are dedicated to providing you with live music in the safest and most easily accessible way we can.

Along with our program books going digital, all FCS concerts performed at Lincoln Center will be available for livestream during the concert itself or for webcast the following weekend. Livestream and Webcast performances are perfect for patrons wanting to watch from home, for those that can’t attend in person, or for sharing with friends and family. This is just one more way we are ensuring that everybody has an opportunity to enjoy spectacular live orchestral music.

We look forward to welcoming you back in person or via webcast.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new digital program books, please email us for more information at or use the contact page on our website.