Gina Johnson

Gina Johnson Headshot

Gina’s love for music was apparent before she could even read. When she was knee high to a grasshopper, she would listen to her older brother practice his piano lessons, and then pick them out once the piano was available again. She discovered the oboe (or “musical Rube Goldberg machine” as she has described it) at age eleven. At fourteen, she had already secured a position with a local community orchestra. By eighteen, she had won a concerto competition and had soloed several times. She continues to solo regularly with ensembles throughout Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

She is so grateful for the impeccable guidance of her five primary instructors: Rhadames Angelucci, Peter Cooper, Dr. Kenneth Evans, Dr. Nancy Ambrose King, and Marilyn Zupnik.

In addition to teaching at Western Nebraska Community College, playing in the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra and the Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra, Gina loves to hang out with her five delightful children. Gina also thoroughly enjoys playing in the dirt (vegetable gardening), taking calculated risks (outdoor sports), harvesting weeds (herbalism), and all things entrepreneurial.