“Ethiopia” Painting Auction Honors Black American Composer Florence Price and Supports Underserved Communities

Louise Cutler and her painting "Ethiopia"

At the Fort Collins Symphony’s “Dvořák Discovery” concert on February 3, 2024, Louise Cutler’s painting “Ethiopia” was unveiled to celebrate the Colorado premiere of Florence Price’s Ethiopia’s Shadow in America.

Inspired by Price’s symphonic composition, Cutler’s painting reflects the physical and emotional journey of enslaved peoples in America and represents their struggle, strength, and resilience.

“What I love most about Ethiopia’s Shadow in America,” Cutler says, “is that even in seemingly joyous moments you still get a sense of melancholy undertones and sadness, conveying a message beyond the message within the piece and beautifully capturing the resilience, determination, and strength of the people it is about.”

The 36”x36” oil-on-canvas painting is being auctioned to support the Symphony’s “Open Notes” Program, a community outreach initiative that brings the transformative power of music to underserved members of our community.

The auction for “Ethiopia” closes on Friday, February 16th, 2024. For more details and to participate, please visit FCSymphony.org/PricePainting.

Learn more about Louise Cutler and her work at LouiseCutlerStudio.com.

Louise Cutler introduces her painting “Ethiopia” and Florence Price’s story and inspiration.

Louise Cutler and Maestro Wes Kenney on Ethiopia’s Shadow in America by Florence Price.