The Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra

Music Director

Wes Kenney

Wilfred Schwartz Conductor’s Endowed Chair,
Karl and Wilma Carson


Auditioning, Concertmaster

Riedman/Women’s Guild Endowed Chair

Nina Fronjian, Asst. Concertmaster

Julian and Ida Siegel Endowed Chair

Callie Brennan, Principal 1st

Dorothy Gruber Horowitz Endowed Chair

Christine Menter, Principal 2nd*

Wilson and Emily Wilmarth
and Family Endowed Chair

Sarah Whitnah, Asst. Principal 2nd
Arlo Adams
Stephanie Bork
Jennifer Crim
Evan DeLong
Jean Denney
Mary Evans
Mary Gindulis*
Rachel Sliker
Bennett Stucky


Ethan Hecht, Principal

Lilla B. Morgan Endowed Chair

Auditioning, Asst. Principal

Betty-Anne & Frank Jones
Asst. Principal Endowed Chair

Sabrina Romney Lloyd
Erin Napier
Ezgi Pikayzen
Kyla Witt


Becky Kutz Osterberg, Principal

Jeanise Brown Endowed Chair

Heidi Mausbach, Asst. Principal*

Joannah L. Merriman Endowed Chair

Joseph Howe
J. Peter Linder
Beth Wells


Auditioning, Principal

Bettie Wilcox Endowed Chair

Bailey Bennett
Erik Deines
Forest Greenough
Zack Niswender


Norman Menzales, Principal

Renate Justin, M.D. Endowed Chair

Kristin Sommer, 2nd/Assoc. Principal

Mary A. Kopco Second Flute Endowed Chair

Sandra Tiemens, 3rd


Sandra Tiemens

Fern Bennett Endowed Chair


Max Soto-Sibaja, Principal

David and Alison Dennis Endowed Chair

Gina Johnson, 2nd/Assoc. Principal

Walter Scott McCoil Endowed Chair

English Horn

Gina Johnson

Bob and Joyce Everitt Endowed Chair


Kellan Toohey, Principal

Bill & Ruth Brown Endowed Chair

David Halperin, 2nd

Cindy Haraway Endowed Chair


Tom Bittinger, Principal

Tom Bittinger Endowed Chair

Gyungsun Im, 2nd

Tom Gleason Endowed Chair


Auditioning, Principal

Pat and Edna Rizley Griffin Endowed Chair

Ayo Derbyshire, 2nd

Melanie Valente Endowed Chair

John McGuire, 3rd/Assoc. Principal

Sharyn H. & Larry J. Salem Third Horn Endowed Chair

Auditioning, 4th


Stanley Curtis, Principal

Clark Livingston Endowed Chair

Derek McDonald, 2nd/Assoc. Principal

Jessica Stewart Wyllie
2nd/Associate Principal Trumpet Chair


Daniel Watt, Principal

Lynnette C. Jung Endowed Chair

Nat Wickham, 2nd/Assoc Principal

Paisley Pettine Second Trombone Endowed Chair

Bass Trombone

Kiel Lauer

William E. Runyan Endowed Chair


Steve Vaughn, Principal

Dane Johnson Endowed Chair


Michael Tetreault, Principal

Wayne and Phyllis Scrader Endowed Chair


Carl Dixon, Principal

Graham and Joanne Harrison Endowed Chair

Leo Canale, 2nd/Assoc. Principal

Josephine Kathryn Guerriero
Principal Triangle Endowed Chair


Pamela Eldridge, Principal

Kepler Endowed Chair


Auditioning, Principal

Kathryn Edwards Endowed Chair


Marie L. Schall Endowed Chair


Tom Sutherland Endowed Chair

Assistant Conductor

Jeremy D. Cuebas


Ethan Hecht

Orchestra Personnel Manager

Jean Denney

Production Manager

Kevin Wolfgang

* on leave
** acting

Section string and percussion players are listed alphabetically and are seated in a rotation pattern throughout the season.

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