The Music Box is an ever-expanding collection of educational resources created by and compiled by the Fort Collins Symphony. Check back often to learn more about music, instruments, and the orchestra!

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Peter and the Wolf

Enjoy an in-depth look at the audience-favorite, Peter and the Wolf, and see demonstrations of the instruments by members of your Fort Collins Symphony. The Musical Zoo 2021 was held virtually in April and May 2021, including a full performance of Peter and the Wolf, an exploration of the families of the orchestra, and a downloadable activity guide.

While the full performance of Peter and the Wolf is no longer available, all of our resources are! Please click on Peter to find information on the families and instruments of the orchestra, an overview of Peter and the Wolf, instrument demonstrations by members of your Fort Collins Symphony, and our downloadable activity guide.

Musical Glossary for Kids

Theater Seat Store has compiled an excellent musical glossary for kids. It includes translations and explanations of many common musical terms.

“Do you want to be the next Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky? How about Leontyne Price? If you have a love or talent for music, nurture it by learning music terminology and theory! The symbols and diagrams may look hard, but with study and practice, you will come to learn how each fits into a composition. Music and theater are so powerful and it is time to unlock that power through learning. Begin your music education today!

Music Theory Playground has compiled a list of useful links for all aspects of music theory for students in their “Playground for Music Education and Music Theory.”

“Learning about music gives children the opportunity to express themselves creatively, and it also has several educational benefits. As children learn the basics of music theory and develop their ability to read and create music, they hone their discipline and memory as well as their language and motor skills. Music can also bridge cultural divides, giving children a better understanding of how other people live and appreciation of the diversity of our world. That’s why it’s so important that all children have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of making music alongside other academic subjects as part of a well-rounded education.”

FCS Podcast

The FCS podcast is hosted by FCS Assistant Conductor Jeremy D. Cuebas and FCS Community Engagement and Education Director Kate Henry.

On the podcast, Kate and Jeremy answer common questions about classical music and interview the guest artists we feature on FCS concerts.

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The Classical Classroom podcast

The Classical Classroom is a podcast meant to introduce newcomers to the world of classical music. Houston Public Radio classical librarian Dacia Clay (a classical music newbie) hosts this engaging show that features discussion and lessons about this incredible world.

Click the player below to listen to the most recent episode of The Classical Classroom.

Keeping Score, with Michael Tilson Thomas

Keeping Score is a series hosted by conductor Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony that explores masterworks of classical music in depth. Each of these short documentaries explains the content and context of the music in depth in an approachable and engaging way.

These videos give you a solid historical and musical context to understand and appreciate the music better, while also becoming a better listener.

Find the full documentary and performance of Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony, the “Eroica” here, and head to Maestro Tilson Thomas’s website for the full library.

FCS would like to thank Sense of Place and Ellen Badgley Zibell for the loan of the tiny instruments used in the Music Box logo.