FCS Musicians for Hire

For private lessons or your special event

Fort Collins Symphony musicians are available! Hire a musician for your special event or find a private lessons teacher today.

Hire a solo musician or small ensemble

To arrange a solo or small ensemble for your wedding, business lunch, or special event, please reach out to any of the individuals below.


Sarah Whitnah, violin: sarah.whitnah@gmail.com
Megan Karls, violin: megankarls@gmail.com
Sabrina Romney Lloyd, viola: sabrrom@gmail.com
Beth Wells, cello: bwells0718@gmail.com
Becky Kutz Osterberg, cello: bjocello@gmail.com
Cristian Mazo, bass: masso87@hotmail.com


John McGuire, horn: mcguirejp2007@gmail.com
Ayo Derbyshire, horn: ayo@taom.com
Nat Wickham, trombone: nat.wickham@gmail.com
Daniel Watt, trombone: danwatt@me.com  
Kiel Lauer, trombone: kiel.lauer@colorado.edu
Steve Vaughn, tuba and euphonium: steve.h.vaughn@gmail.com


Alaina de Bellevue, piano: a.debellevue@gmail.com

Private Lessons

These Fort Collins Symphony musicians teach private lessons throughout Colorado and Southern Wyoming. Click on a musician’s name to open their biography on a new page. Please contact the teacher directly for availability.

Sarah Whitnah: sarah.whitnah@gmail.com
Jean Denney (adult only): jeand@airbits.com
Ben Thomason: thomasonstudio@gmail.com
Ryann Aery: raa495@nyu.edu or 716-289-0668
Megan Karls: megankarls@gmail.com

Beth Wells: esw718@aol.com
Becky Kutz Osterberg: bjocello@gmail.com

Cristian Mazo: masso87@hotmail.com

Kristin Sommer (ages 7-adult): ksommerflute@gmail.com

John McGuire: mcguirejp2007@gmail.com
Ayo Derbyshire: ayo@taom.com

Low Brass:
Nat Wickham (all low brass: Classical and Jazz): nat.wickham@gmail.com
Kiel Lauer: kiel.lauer@colorado.edu
Daniel Watt, trombone: danwatt@me.com

Alaina de Bellevue: a.debellevue@gmail.com