FCS Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Music!

Give the Gift of Music: Gift Certificates

Share Your Love of Music with Family & Friends

We all have enough stuff.  But, can we ever have enough music? We don’t think so!

We invite you to share your love of music with family and friends. What could be better than a gift certificate that will provide an exciting experience with the best of classical and/or popular music?

Whether it’s a gift to someone who already loves symphonic music or to encourage new fans, your certificate is appropriate for any season or occasion! It is easily redeemed by your recipient at the Lincoln Center Box Office for a concert OR an at-home live-streamed performance.

FCS Gift Cards take time to be processed by our staff.
Please allow 5-7 business days from the date of order for processing and shipping.

Fort Collins Symphony Concert Prices

Concert dates, details, artists, and purchase options can be found on our events page.

Please use the prices below to help calculate the total for your FCS Gift Certificate. Note: all prices below include Lincoln Center taxes and fees.

Ticket Price Examples:

  • – Two premium Signature Concert tickets: $134 or $146
  • – Two mid-range Signature Concert Tickets: $84 or $122
  • – Two budget Signature Concert Tickets: $56
  • – Two Pops Concert Tickets: $80
  • – Live-stream: $28 per household