Friends of the Symphony


Friends of the Symphony members and our volunteers apply their interests and skills in a variety of ways for our fundraisers, education events, member meetings, and activities.

Use the forms and information below to inquire about volunteering, or visit our Membership Page for more information on joining the Friends of the Symphony.

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Volunteer Form:


The Friends of the Symphony supports the Symphony financially through our fundraisers, and volunteers help to plan and carry out these events. Friends of the Symphony members may host mini-fundraising events in their home, or members can seek donations to our Endowment Funds, which help sustain orchestra salaries.


Members provide activities for children and adults to expand their knowledge and appreciation of music. Volunteers are needed for our annual Musical Zoo, a cornucopia of musical experiences for children, and for our Composer Talks, where CSU music faculty discuss the featured composers of each upcoming concert.

General Meetings

Volunteers arrange for sites, refreshments, decorations, and programs for our quarterly business/social meetings. Members may volunteer to host a general meeting in their home.


The Friends of the Symphony holds an annual event to introduce prospective members to the organization. We also host a Margarita Mixer to welcome new members. Volunteers assist in organizing these events.


Volunteers assist officers and committee chairpersons by calling the membership as needed.


Volunteers notify local media of Friends of the Symphony events and contribute to the content of the website.


The Friends of the Symphony seeks talented, enthusiastic, visionary women and men to join the Board as officers and committee chairpersons. Positions are listed in the Friends of the Symphony annual directory.

Symphony Support

The Friends of the Symphony assists the Symphony orchestra in various ways.

Assists as needed in the Symphony office.

Provides hospitality and/or transportation to visiting musicians.

Assists with special symphony events, such as concerts other than Masterworks concerts, YES concerts for children, and Meet the Guest Artist evenings

Provides refreshments to the orchestra at rehearsals