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Composer Talk, Escape to Delight

Join CSU professor Dr. K. Dawn Grapes on Wednesday for an entertaining and informative lecture about the composer featured on "Escape to Delight." Light refreshments. Sponsored by the Friends of the Symphony. Where: Old Town Library: 201 Peterson St, Fort CollinsTickets: Free On this concert: Joseph Bologne – Symphony No. 1 in G Major Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart...


Open Rehearsal, Escape to Delight

Learn firsthand what it takes for an orchestra to bring live music to the stage. Houselights remain on during this comfortable preview of each upcoming Signature concert. The rehearsal closes to the public at 8:30 p.m. intermission. Where: The Lincoln Center: 417 W Magnolia St, Fort CollinsTickets: Free On this concert: Joseph Bologne – Symphony No....


“Escape to Delight” – Signature Concert No. 3

"Escape to Delight" with a concert of classic and delightful works. This evening’s performance includes Guadeloupean Creole classical composer Joseph Bologne’s dance-like Symphony No. 1, Joseph Haydn’s fanciful Symphony No. 103, Drum Roll, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s precocious Piano Concerto No. 24, featuring "Curtis to Colorado" pianist Avery Gagliano, and American composer Amy Beach’s delightful waltz, Bal Masqué.

“Escape to Reflection” – Signature Concert No. 4

"Escape to Reflection" with music written in memory of beloved teachers, lands, and those we lost. The music on this concert was written by each composer to honor something or somebody important to them. Fela Sowande's African Suite celebrates music from Nigeria. Aaron Kernis’s Elegy honors those lost in the Covid-19 Pandemic, and Britten’s Variations honor his composition teacher Frank Bridge.

“Escape to the Movies” – Spring Pops Concert

take a deep dive into the role orchestras have played in film from the silent era to today with a live performance.

From Felix the Cat, Casablanca, and West Side Story to James Bond, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars, this concert is a musical stroll down memory lane.

“Escape to Hope” – Signature Concert No. 5

"Escape to Hope" with a concert celebrating bright futures ahead.. Emmy-nominated American composer Michael Abels wrote Global Warming to describe the warming of international relations in 1990. The composition explores the similarities he heard in the music of various cultures.

Claude Debussy’s Nocturnes was inspired by symbolist poet Henri de Régnier and conjures images of clouds, festivals, and enchanting sirens.

The season closes with Ukrainian composer Sergei Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 5, which he wrote to glorify “the grandeur of the human spirit.”

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