The Fort Collins Symphony Endowments

Sustained support of the Fort Collins Symphony comes from the FCS Endowment Fund and the Friends of the Symphony Endowed Chairs.

These two endowments are charitable supporting organizations dedicated solely to the long-term financial support of the Fort Collins Symphony. Your gifts to the Endowments are invested to sustain and support the Symphony long into the future so that it can continue to be a cultural cornerstone of Northern Colorado. As the Endowment grows larger, the Symphony receives greater support for its entertainment, educational, and cultural activities.

How will you help build the Endowments?


Sending a check or electronic transfer to the Fort Collins Symphony Endowment means your money goes right to work. Gifts of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds are converted to cash and invested. You take the charitable deduction on your income tax return.


Giving appreciated stocks and bonds is a powerful way to leverage your investment in the Endowment. If you have held them for more than a year, you may be able to claim their fair market value as a charitable deduction and not pay capital gains tax on the increase in value.


Making a gift to the Endowment through your will or revocable trust is your gift to the future., and your estate or trust receives the charitable tax deduction. Talk to your estate planning attorney about adding these gifts to your estate plan.


Naming the Endowment as the beneficiary of most types of individual retirement accounts or 401(k) plans is remarkably tax-efficient. Distributions to individual beneficiaries are subject to income tax, but not when the beneficiary is a charity like the Endowment. See your retirement plan administrator for assistance.


Designating the Endowment as the primary or secondary beneficiary on a life insurance policy makes a bold statement about your appreciation of the arts in Northern Colorado. Your insurance agent can help you with this designation.


Your contribution to a charitable remainder trust pays income to you for a designated number of years and then distributes the remainder to the Endowment. Your gift qualifies in part for an income tax charitable deduction that insulates you from paying capital gains, avoids estate taxes on what you have donated, and leaves the Endowment with a gift. In contrast, your gift to a charitable lead trust pays income to the Endowment for a designated number of years and then distributes the remainder to you or to individual beneficiaries you have chosen. This results in substantial gifts to your ultimate beneficiaries and significant tax savings.

As always, please consult your tax advisor prior to giving. For more information on these and other ways to give to the Endowment, please contact the Symphony office at 970-482-4823 or through our Contact Page.

To support the Friends of the Symphony Endowed Chairs, please contact Kay Edwards, Friends of the Symphony Endowment Chair, at 970-484-9465 or