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It is the generosity of our community that makes it possible for the Fort Collins Symphony to present breathtaking concerts and wonderful educational programs. The following is a list of all the amazing businesses, foundations, government entities, and individuals that are keeping your Fort Collins Symphony playing. Contributions were made between January 1, 2022 and January 1, 2023. Thank you for your support!

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Fort Collins Symphony Donors


National Endowment for the Arts
Colorado Creative Industries

$50,000 – $79,99

Dr. Peter Springberg

$20,000 – $49,999

City of Fort Collins Fort Fund
Alison and David Dennis*
Friends of the Symphony
Friends of the Symphony Endowed Chairs*
Larimer County Immediate Needs Grant
Dr. Ed Siegel
Bequest of Rosemary Whitaker

$15,000 – $19,999

Arts without End (AWE)
Fan Foundation
Ken Garff Fort Collins
Kenneth and Myra Monfort Charitable Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts

$5,000 – $14,999

Advanced Energy
Audiology Group of Northern Colorado
Carolyn Ann Bunch
Joseph and Jan Carroll
City of Fort Collins Small Business Assistance Program – CARES
Community Foundation “E3” Endowment Fund
Tom and Paula Dille
Fort Collins Symphony Endowment Fund
Friends of the Symphony
Jackie Erickson and Edward Warner
Susan and Bill Friedman
Bob and Diana Graziano
Jason Sheppard Greer and Lucy Kim Greer Foundation for the Arts
Mark Goldrich and Gwen Hatchette
Gary and Carol Ann Hixon – Gary Hixon Designs
Holiday Twin Drive-In Theater
Mary Pat and Mike McCurdie
Dr. Kenneth and Paisley Pettine
Plante Moran – Accounting, Tax, Consulting, and Wealth Management
Prairie Development Corporation
Wilfred Schwartz Conductor’s Endowment Fund
Trois Coeurs Foundation
Warner Family Charitable Fund, Edward M. Warner & Jacalyn D. Erickson
Drs. Ann Yanagi and Scott Johnston

$1,000 – $4,999

Karel J. Applebee
Advanced Hearing Services
Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants
Bank of Colorado
Don and Donna Beard Estate
John and Anne Blair
Cindy and Gary Bragdon
Carol and Patrick Brennan
Thomas & Linda Brisbane
Amy, Jason, and Ashtyn W. Brown
Stephen and Margie Brown
Tom and Anne Butler
Marilyn Cockburn
Curtis to Colorado, Lawrence M. Moskow
Pattie Cowell and Sherry Pomering
Michael and Susan Deines
Paul and Katherine Dudzinski*
Kay and Larry Edwards
Bob and Joyce Everitt*
Vicki Fogel Mykles and Don Mykles
Flood and Peterson Insurance
Jim and Dianne Harper
Gary Hixon Designs
Michael and Alexandra Lee Hobaugh
Gisela Hobman
Maureen and Robert Hoffert
Johnston-Hanson Foundation, Kira Hanson
Dr. and Mrs. Lee Jeffrey
Dr. Don & Jan Jorgensen Fund*
Wes and Leslie Kenney
Mary and Paul Kopco
Jeanine & Robert Leisure
Lincoln Center Support League
David and Peggy Lindstrom
Dr. Thomas Luttenegger
Marty and Scott Marsh
Roberta R. Mielke
OneSeven Advisors, CPA
Catherine and David Pizzi
Harland and Mary Ann Ranney
John Roberts
Rotary Club of Fort Collins
Walta and Jim Ruff
Carol and Richard Rush
Dr. Stephen and Linda Schaefer
Phyllis & Wayne Schrader
Diane Sherry
Mr. and Mrs. Lorraine Shuler
Carolyn and Will Singleton
Roger Stewart
Nancy and Denis Symes
The Light Center
Lee and Ken Thielen
Erik and Sidney Thompson
Bill & Barbara Walton
Carl & Ann Wilmsen

$500 – $999

Tracey and Bob Barton
Bistro Nautile
Dan & Kara Brown
David and Sandy Butler
Cafe Vino
Kevin & Katie Dryg, Dryg Butler, CPAs, P.C.
Sally Dunphy
Fort Collins Nursery
Mary and Ken Freese
Dr. Scott Gale and Ms. Nancy Cox
Charles and Patricia Grimwood
Judson Harper
Jay’s Bistro
Tim Hebert – Sage Benefit Advisors
Lois Jensen
Emily and Doug Kemme
Kneeland Lazure Law
Legacy Planning Group, Reed Johnson
Carrie and Ilan Levy
Loeffler Group – Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Craig & Cynthia Luzinski
Palliative Music – Elaine Hild
Connie Paine
Dr. Carl & Jeanne Patton
Pediatric Associates of Northern Colorado
Dr. Edgar & Barbara Peyronnin
Carl and Jeanne Patton
Pilates with Paisley
Rare Italian
Larry and Kathy Roesner
Louis and Carol Scharf
Steve and Cindy Stansfield
Janet Stucky
Sutherland Family*
Marsha Petrovic – The Group
The Regional
Joe Valente

$1 – $499

Richard Alper & Kate Herrod
Norma Andersen
Jennifer Anderson
Nick Armstrong family (WTF Marketing and FoCo Comic Con)
Donna Baily
Kathleen Batterton
Donald and Margaret Beaver
Kaleb Benda
Mary & Ralph Bender
Victoria and Steve Benson
Bradley Bennett
Gary Betow and Kathleen McKeown
Connie Bevill
Tom Bittinger and Beth Wells
James Blackburn
LaVon Blaesi
Barbara Bonilla
Carlos Bonilla
Dennis and Carolyn Bookstaber
Thomas and Marie Borak
Verley B. Boulton
Kyle Brenneman
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Brown
William and Ruth Brown
Sara Buchleiter
David and Carol Budge
Elaine & Don Burritt
Bob and Sandy Calhoun
Carol Cantrell
Laura Caruso
Noah Cecil
Annemarie Chenoweth
Derek Chilcote Bacco
Hal Chorpenning
Nancy Clegern
Patricia Clemens
Barbara Cohen and Barry Feldman Family
Dale and Martha Conant
Bob and Sallie Coonts
William and Waltraud Cotton
John and Jane Cowdrey
Marion Cox
Theadora Cox
Mary Crow
Alan T. and Catherine Cunningham
Nancy Dalton
Carl & William Davis
Diane Davis-Deckard
Kareen Davison
Jean and Alan Denney
Destination by Design
John S. Dixon
Iona and Burt Dolgin
Ann Donoghue
Madgetta and Claibourne Dungy
Kenneth Dunnington
Sally Dunphy
Dr. Leslie Dwyer and John Perzow
Kammi & Paul Eckhoff
Walt and Therese Elish
Katherine Englund
Meg Evans
Paul & Marian Febvre
David and Jessica Ferguson
Rich and Robbie Fisher Charitable Fund
Jane and Bob Folsom
Fort Collins Tours
Norma Fox
Jerome Freier and Melanie Reed
Jim and Sara Fry
Rachelle Gavlinski
Diane M. Gallagher
Paul Gartenmann
Dr. Dan & Patricia Goble
Sandra Spencer Godfrey
Marvin and Sylvia Godsey
Susan & Jason Goldman
Lisa Gooch
Dawn and David Grapes
Sue Greer
Carol and Paul Gresky
Harry Griswold
Dianne Grimmett
Marry Ann Hahn-Strand
Curtis and Marge Halvorson
Gisela and David Ham
Drs. John and Nancy Hanck
Jodi Hansen
Cindy Haraway
Sam Hawkins
Howard and Phyllis Hay
Thomas E. Healy
Robert Heer and Mary Kolesnyk
Betty Heermann
Jesse Hernandez
Janice Hill & John Garing
Katherine and Andrew Hinds
Michael & Alexandra Lee Hobaugh
Mary Ellen Holmes
Holt & McFarland Fund*
Xiang Hongyan
Linda and Donna Hopkins
Stephen and Dona Horne
Harvey and Carol Hotto
Tracy Hudson
Wayne & Faye Irelan
Wendy Ishii
Lynn Jaenke
Anne Aubrey Johnson
Frank & Jody Johnson
Gerry and Fran Johnson
David, Charlene, and Eleanor Jones
Pam Jones
Juszak Realty
Peter Kahn
Steven Kay
Sarah Keck
John Kefalas
Tina and Dave Kerschen
Sharon and Dave Kerschen
Christine & Bill Kneeland
Elizabeth Knees
Antoinette Kotran
Bob and Lisa Kreutz
Marie and Klaus Krizanovic
James Lanigan & Ali Lesjak
Barbara and Albert Leung
Tom and Sheri Linnell
Scott Lavolette
Sheri & David McKelfresh
Cristina Mahon
Tony and Cathy Martino
Margo Matthews
Barbara Maynard
Robert C. Michael
Dr. Edward & Cynthia Miron
Cathleen Moran
Michael Mortensen
Pamela and Patrick Murphy
Paulette and Wally Neas
Dr. Thomas and Jane Nevrivy
Jean and Jan Newman
Jane Nicolet
Susan & Jim O’Grady
Lana and Anders Olsson
Jean Opsomer and Mary Meyer
Daniel & Alice Owens
Susan Peak
Susan & Eric Peterson
Neil Petrie and Joannah L. Merriman
Ruth L. Potter
Jean Preslan
Elizabeth Pruessner
Janet Puckett
George and Sue Reed
Mimi and Pat Reid
Hedy Reynolds
William & Carol Richey
Gary Robinson
Sharon & Gary Robinson
Sara and Charles Rock
Kenneth and Mercedes Rock
Kevin Ryan and Karen Schneider
Jennifer Sajbel
Sharyn and Larry Salmen
Judy Sanders
Claire Schamberger and Gordon McClintock
Steven and Jane Schonfeld
Lisa Schwartz
Terry and Bonnie Shelter
Kevin and Kay Shrum
Edward and Donna Slavik
Phyllis & Victor Smith
Sounds True Recording – Daniela Cabrerizao
Stephen and Carolyn Stack
Elizabeth C. Stanley
Sharon & Tim Stelzner
Betty Stewart
Gordon & Lynette Thayer
Sidney & Eric Thompson
Louise & George Thornton
Janice Tolmachoff
Adam Torres
Carol Tunner
Dr. Merry Wade
Leslie Walker
Judy Wathen
Margaret Webber
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Weidner
Daniel and Kathleen Wendland
Jean Wenzinger
Judith and Chris Whitman
Elly & Paul Wiebe
Ann & Carl Wilmsen
Geraldine Harriet Winthrop
A-Young & Robert Woody
Matthew and Janell Wozniak
Elizabeth and Lyle Zevenbergen
Jo & James Zumbrunnen

*Fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado

Tributes, Memorials, & In-Kind

Gifts given between January 1, 2022 and January 1, 2023

In Honor

In Honor of Jeremy Cuebas
by Betty Bentley

In Honor of Zigi Davenport
by Dr. Ed Siegel

In Honor of Erik Deines
by Michael & Susan Deines

In Honor of David and Alison Dennis
by David and Charlene Jones

In Honor of Avis E. Fisher
by Rich and Robbie Fisher

In Honor of Marjorie Halvorson
by Judith and Chris Whitman

In Honor of Ethan Hecht
by Marion Cox

In Honor of Wes and Leslie Kenney
by Carolyn and Will Singleton

In Honor of Mary Kopco
by Vicki Fogel Mykles and Don Mykles

In Honor of Becky Kutz Osterberg
by Ashtyn W. Brown and the Brown Family

In Honor of Bennett Stucky
by Janet Stucky

In Memory

In Memory of Dr Eric Benson
by Steve and Victoria Benson

In Memory of Jeanne Butler
by David and Sandy Butler

In Memory of Marilyn Cockburn
by Wendy Ishii, Wes & Leslie Kenney, and Mary & Paul Kopco

In Memory of Mary Dunnington
by Ken Dunnington

In Memory of James Durand
by Carol and Richard Rush

In Memory of Peg Fronberg
by Norma Andersen

In Memory of Charles Greer
by Mary & Paul Kopco

In Memory of Rober Hummel
by Leslie & Wes Kenney

In Memory of Byron “Barney” Jensen
by Lois Jensen

In Memory of John Kotran
by Antoinette Kotran

In Memory of Mary Ellen Luttenegger
by Dr. Thomas Luttenegger

In Memory of Lynn Leedy
by Wes and Leslie Kenney

In Memory of Bobbie Mielke
by Katherine Englund

In Memory of Will Schwartz
by Cindy Haraway

In Memory of Gayle Wunder
by Theadora Cox

In-Kind Donations – Gifts of Goods and Services

Jennifer Anderson
Kathleen Batterton
Don & Margaret Beaver
Connie Bevill
Bistro Nautile
Cindy & Gary Bragond
Cafe Vino
Pattie Cowell & Sherry Pomering
Jeremy & Crisara Cuebas
Jean & Alan Denney
David & Alison Dennish
Kathy & Paul Dudzinski
Madgetta & Claibourne Dungy
Kay & Larry Edwards
Therese & Walt Elish
First United Methodeist Church
FoCo Area Chamber of Commerce
Friends of the Symphony
Sandra Godfrey
Sue Greer
Charles and Patricia Grimwood
Global Village Museum
Rober Heer & Mary Kolesnyk
Kate Henry & Baun Jordan
Carol Ann & Gary Hixon
Alexandra Lee & Michael Hobaugh
Jay’s Bistro
Leslie & Wes Kenney
Kilwins Chocolates & Ice Cream
Mary & Paul Kopco
KRFC 88.9 FM FoCo Radio
KUNC 91.5 FM
The Lincoln Center
David & Peggy Lindstrom
Eva Sue Littleton
Mary Pat & Mike McCurdie
Marty & Scott Marsh
Don & Vicki Fogel Mykles
Alice & Daniel Owen
Paisley & Ken Pettine
Paul Wood Florist
Poudre School District
Rare Italian
Dorlies Rasmussen
The Regional
Hedy Reynolds & Rich Shipman
John Roberts
Larry & Sharyn Salmen
Dr. Edward Siegel
Carolyn Stack
Richard Strong & Deborah DeMar
Nancy & Denis Symes
Timberline Church
Lee & Ken Thielen
Margaret Webber
Beth Wells& Tom Bittinger
Elly & Paul Wiebe
Kevin & Nancy Wolfgang

Community Program Support

B Sharp Arts Engagement

B Sharp Arts Engagement, a community research program partnership between the Fort Collins Symphony and Dementia Together, brings the joy of live music, social connections, and community support to those living with dementia and their care partners.

Thank you to our donors:
Karel Applebee
Gary & Carol Ann Hixon
Holt & McFarland Fund, Craig and Cyndy Luzinsky
Kenneth & Myra Monfort Charitable Foundation
OneSeven Advisors, David Diehl
Carolyn & Will Singleton
Jim & Walta Ruff

Open Notes Program

The Open Notes Program provides tickets for under-served and/or at-risk youth and young adults as well as veterans to attend concerts.

Thank you to our donors:
Bank of Colorado
Mary & Paul Kopco
Dr. Peter Springberg & Janet Kowall

Youth Education Series (YES)

The FCS Youth Education Series (YES) is a flagship music education program in Larimer County that reaches over 4,300 4th and 5th grade students each year.

Thank you to our donors:
Advanced Energy
Barbara Cohen
Patty Cowell & Sherry Pomering
David and Alison Dennis
Flood and Peterson
Jason Sheppard Greer and Lucy Kim Greer Foundation for the Arts
Jesse Hernandez
Gary & Carol Ann Hixon
Marty and Scott Marsh
Cathryn Martino
Jane Nicolet
Dr. Peter Springberg & Janet Kowall
Janice Tolmachoff
Elizabeth Wells

Please accept our heartfelt apology if we have misspelled or omitted your name.
Contact us at 970.482.4823 or so that we may make a correction.