FCS Board and Staff

If you are interested in joining our board, please use the form on our contact page and we will connect with you shortly.

Executive Committee

Alexandra Lee Vice President
Alexandra Lee
Pattie Cowell
Pattie Cowell
Vice President
Nancy Symes Board
Nancy Symes
walt ellish board president
Walt Elish
Past President

Board of Directors

Orchestra Representatives

Emeritus Board Members

Symphony Staff

Wes kenney Headshot
Wes Kenney
Music Director
mary kopco
Mary Kopco
Executive Director
vicki mykles
Vicki Fogel Mykles
Communications Director
Jean Denney Headshot
Jean Denney
Orchestra Personnel Manager,
Jeremy D. Cuebas Assistant Conductor
Jeremy D. Cuebas
Assistant Conductor,
Digital Communications Director
Kate Henry, Community Engagement and Education Director
Kate Henry
Community Engagement
& Education Director
Ben Thomason violin headshot
Ben Thomason
Orchestra Librarian

(Not Pictured)

Kyle Sneden
Production Manager